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Tsinghua Sunshine Company, the predecessor of Tus Energy Group, was established in 1994 and officially changed its name to Tus Energy in August 2016. It is a platform company in the energy field of Tus Holdings. Beijing Tus Wind Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in wind farm investment, development, construction, operation and technological innovation under the clean energy sector of Tus Holding Group. Its main business covers the construction of large wind power stations and offshore under the “Thee Belt and Road national strategy. Wind power development, construction and operation, wind power technology innovation and industrialization, wind power technology development and core component manufacturing, wind power technology services, etc. The core management team generally has a high degree of education and more than ten years of experience in the wind power industry, and possesses very solid and high-quality intellectual resources and an industrial resource support system.

Tus Holdings is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise established by University of Tsinghua. It is the development, construction, operation and management unit of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park and the first batch of national modern service industry demonstration units. It has more than 1,000 listed and non-listed companies participating in the holdings, with total assets of more than 200 billion yuan; successfully built a global innovation service network with more than 300 incubators, science parks, and science cities as carriers; its science and technology industries involve environmental protection, clean energy, digital economy, big health, new materials and other fields, with Tus Environment, Tus Guhan, Tus Design, 21Vianet, Tus International and other listed companies at China and abroad; its science and technology financial service system manages assets of more than 10 billion yuan and is initiating The scale of PE M&A funds established exceeds 30 billion yuan.

Tus Energy Group is committed to becoming a global clean energy messenger, and strives to build a clean energy platform with an international perspective, integrates University of Tsinghua and the world's advanced clean energy science and technology, realizes transformation on the Tus Energy platform, and follows the country’s The Belt and Road goes global. Tus Energy Group undertakes the integrated development strategy of energy and environmental protection of Tus Holdings, takes building a zero-carbon and waste-free society as its mission, drives the company's development with technological innovation, focuses on building the core competitiveness of "one brain, one chain, four networks", and then promotes the national energy revolution, and promote energy transformation and upgrading, then accelerate the construction of a safe, stable, diversified and zero-carbon modern energy system.

With the development concept of "capital assistance, industry acceleration", Tus Energy Group strives to build an innovative theoretical system of technology + industry + capital triple helix, and build a zero-carbon clean energy ecosystem. Tus Energy Research Institute, a scientific advisory committee composed of industry-renowned scientists Yin Zhiqiang, Lu Qiang, Ni Weidou, Wang Guangqian, Yan Jinyue, Du Xiangwan, and Hao Jiming, has formed direct cooperation with more than a dozen departments of University of Tsinghua, to provide clean energy technological development in the field of multi-disciplinary, collaborative and forward-looking research support.

Tus Energy has fully deployed overseas markets and has conducted technical and capital cooperation with the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Malaysia, Kenya and other countries and regions to explore new paths for international cooperation in the clean energy industry. Tus Energy Group has built a professional venture capital fund and industrial fund management platform. Up to now, the scale of funds under management and post-investment financing has exceeded 5 billion yuan. The total scale of funds under management is expected to exceed 10 billion in the next two years.

Tus Energy Group adheres to the corporate culture concept of "people-oriented, knowledge and action", and establishes an enterprise-based, market-oriented, and in-depth integration of scientific and technological achievements transformation ecological chain of production, relying on the strong capital and financial strength of Tus Holdings. Give full play to the unique advantages of University of Tsinghua's production, education and research, transform more scientific research results into industries and accelerate their development, and realize the development goals of technology industrialization and industrial capitalization.

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