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Overview of Yantai High-tech Industrial Development District

Yantai High-tech District is a national-level high-tech district approved by the State Council, the first batch of China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Science and Technology Industrial Parks, the country's first Sino-Russian high-tech industrialization cooperation demonstration base, and one of the core carriers of the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. Including the core development zone and APEC Laishan Park, Fushan High-tech Park, APEC Zhifu Park, Wolong Park and other "One Zone and Four Parks".

This is a surging innovation zone, this is a city full of vitality. To be brave in the national innovation-driven development strategy, to take advantage of the momentum in the implementation of the major project of conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, and to take the lead in the forefront of Yantai. Yantai High-tech District is focusing on accelerating development and focusing on reform and openness and innovation are the driving force, and strive to create an industrial zone with distinctive industrial characteristics, integrated development of industry and city, strong economic strength, gathering of innovative elements, strong international atmosphere, harmonious green ecology, excellent business environment, and an industrial zone where people can live and work in peace and contentment, district of new town of science and technology energy, happiness to their homes.

Focus on building a distinctive industrial highland 

Adhere to world vision, international standards, and Yantai's advantages, and be a leader in advanced manufacturing in the cultivation of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, focusing on the development of medicine and health, information technology, marine emerging, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection. Featured industries such as new materials and high-end service industries, and a group of innovative enterprises such as Lvye International Pharmaceutical Technology Industrial Park, Oriental BlueSky Titanium, and Boyuan Technology New Materials demonstrate high-end characteristics. Yantai High-tech District has successively been approved as the National Torch Plan Marine Biology and Pharmaceutical Featured Industrial Base, the first batch of national strategic emerging industrial intellectual property cluster management pilots, national innovative industrial cluster pilots, and national marine biological and pharmaceutical intellectual property industrial cluster pilots.

Focus on building a new technology city with surging momentum 

Committed to building Yantai's innovation and development drive, new and old kinetic energy conversion fuelers, science and technology entrepreneurship service center, Sino-Russian Science and Technology Park, Yantai University Student Pioneer Park, Shandong International Biotechnology Park, Yantai International Enterprise Innovation Port, Blue Intelligence Valley Innovation Complex, etc. A number of innovative and entrepreneurial carriers are scattered. A number of high-end research and development institutions such as China Aerospace 513 Institute, CIMC Offshore Engineering Research Institute, Yantai Branch of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yantai Branch of the Shanghai Institute of Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have settled down, Yantai High-level Talent Pioneer Park and other platforms were constructed and operated. A number of "crowd creation spaces" such as "Entrepreneurship No. 1" and "Maker Bar" flourished. High-end innovative and entrepreneurial talents represented by provincial "Mountain Tai Scholars" entered the park. Yantai High-tech District is recognized as a national innovative talent training demonstration base, a national patent pledge financing pilot park, a national intellectual property demonstration park, and the first "provincial innovation and entrepreneurship regional pilot" in Shandong Province, which has built up the long-term advantages of innovation-driven and scientific development.


Focus on building a vital area of reform and opening up

Give full play to the advantages of the national independent innovation demonstration zone, boldly explore, pilot and demonstrate in management models, operating mechanisms, and public services, and act as a test field for institutional reforms and a pioneering zone for reform and innovation. Vigorously improve service efficiency, optimize the business environment, establish a district industry development work committee, establish 7 industrial development promotion centers, including medicine and health, information technology, marine emerging, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, and high-end services, and the International Industrial Cooperation Promotion Center has introduced an all-round and nanny-style industrial development policy system from project introduction and construction to enterprise production and operation, creating an attractive and competitive "policy depression". Take the lead in promoting the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system and administrative examination and approval system in Yantai City, set up the administrative examination and approval bureau and the comprehensive law enforcement bureau, and implement "one seal for approval and one team to manage law enforcement" to maximize speed and efficiency, and benefit the enterprise and the people.


Focus on building a desirable happy home 

Colorful Yantai creates charm and high-tech. Embracing the blue ocean and golden beaches here, they exude infinite charm and attract people from all over the world to wander in this beautiful harbor. Aiming to take the lead in realizing "universal urbanization", adhere to the integration of industry and city, develop the industry in the city, and use the concept of "operating the city" to improve the infrastructure, supporting functions, and public services with high standards. The "six horizontal and six vertical" road grids have three-dimensional communication. Famous schools such as Yantai Groningen University and Yantai International School affiliated to Beijing Normal University have settled in the district. Medical and health services and community living facilities are scientifically complete, linking the fast transportation network, convenient shopping environment, and perfect education, health and home system of the high-tech zone. The sense of gain and happiness of the masses continued to increase. The High-tech District was successfully selected as one of the first batch of 5 Sino-German low-carbon ecological demonstration cities and the first batch of green ecological demonstration cities in Shandong.

Advantage 1: Superior location and beautiful natural environment

Yantai High-tech District is adjacent to the administrative center of Yantai City, 15 kilometers away from the railway station and port, and 6 kilometers away from Yantai Airport. It can directly communicate with major cities across the country and more than 100 countries in the world by air, sea and land. Yantai High-tech District is built along the sea and is an important part of Yantai's charming coast. The planned green area is over 35%, the annual average temperature is 12 degrees, and the air quality is the national first-class standard all year round.

Advantage 2: Complete infrastructure and perfect city functions

A complete road network layout has been formed in the area, with an independent water supply system, sufficient power supply, complete sewage treatment facilities, and good project carrying conditions; the living conditions in Yantai High-tech Zone are superior, with Tianyue Bay, Zhonghaiziyu Residence and many other high-end residential communities in the district have elegant environment and complete supporting facilities, making them ideal homes for elite groups. The area has an international cultural, sports and leisure center, an international conference and exhibition center, and comprehensive services such as finance, commerce, conventions and exhibitions, and star hotels. It also has an advanced post and telecommunications network, providing entrepreneurs with a superior development and living environment.

Advantage 3: Strong industrial foundation and distinctive industrial characteristics

A number of high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and good development prospects have grown in the district. Advantageous industries such as biomedicine and marine technology, aerospace technology, electronic information, and advanced equipment manufacturing are developing in clusters, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. Shandong International Biotechnology Park, Lvye International Pharmaceutical Technology Industrial Park with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, Yantai CIMC Marine Engineering Research Institute with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, Oriental Intelligent Technology Park with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, and a total investment of 800 million yuan. A number of large projects and good projects such as the comprehensive research and development and production base of titanium alloy fasteners and the Tuopubang Biotechnology Park with a total investment of 600 million yuan are accelerating the construction. Yantai High-tech Zone has become a leading place and demonstration for the development of high-tech industries in Yantai Area.

Advantage 4: Rich intellectual resources, perfect innovation and entrepreneurship carrier

In and around the area, there are 8 colleges and universities, including Yantai University, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, Yantai Campus of China Agricultural University, and the Coastal Zone Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Aerospace 513 Institute, the Yantai Branch of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences There are 17 scientific research institutions above the provincial level, including the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Center. They have formed research and development advantages in biotechnology and medicine, advanced manufacturing, new materials, marine science and other fields, and can provide strong intellectual support for enterprise development. A relatively complete innovation and entrepreneurship service system composed of incubators, technology innovation service platforms, technology intermediaries, investment and financing institutions, etc., integrated incubators such as the Science and Technology CBD Venture Building, Sino-Russian Science Park, and biotechnology and medicine, software and information technology have been formed The total area under construction of professional incubators such as, marine engineering, etc. is 500,000 square meters. By 2015, the total area of various incubators and accelerators in the region will exceed 1 million square meters. All newly-built incubators shall be constructed, managed and operated in accordance with national-level business incubator standards, and strive to create more than three national-level business incubators within 5 years.

Advantage 5: Superior service environment and outstanding policy advantages 

The Yantai Municipal Government insists on implementing “special administration of special zone” for the High-tech District, and has established a High-tech District management service system and operating mechanism that is in line with international practices and meets the requirements of market economy development from various links including institutional mechanisms, supporting policies, and government services. Technology companies provide an excellent environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. The High-tech District Management Committee regards optimizing the development environment as an eternal theme, and comprehensively implements the work efficiency accountability system, the first-inquiry system, the service commitment system, the time-limited settlement system, and the overtime default system to provide humanized, professional, and unified Station-based service, and strive to create a "special district" with the best and most thoughtful service and the fastest and most convenient service. The High-tech District has researched and formulated a series of preferential policies to support independent innovation of enterprises, support the development of entrepreneurial enterprises, and accelerate the development of high-end manufacturing and modern service industries. The innovation and entrepreneurship support policy system has been continuously improved. Attaches great importance to the introduction of high-end talents, researched and promulgated the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of the "Talent Special Zone" and the "Implementation Measures of the "Blue Ocean Talent Program", and established a special fund of 100 million yuan for the construction of the "Talent Special Zone" and 100 million yuan in innovation Support funds, for all kinds of talents who enter the zone for innovation and entrepreneurship, research and formulate a package of preferential policies in the provision of start-up capital and office business housing, bank loan discounts and guarantees, subsidized research funds, living allowances, and patent funding. High-end innovative and entrepreneurial talents at home and abroad have entered the zone to settle down and develop and cooperate.

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