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TUS-ORE Catapult Research Centre

TUS-ORE Catapult Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as "TORC") is in response to the call for the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the UK. It is in the strategic background of the Sino-British "Double Park" project between Tus Holdings Group and the Newcastle City Government in the UK. It was jointly established by Yantai High-tech District, the British Marine Renewable Energy Promotion Center, and Beijing Tus Wind Technology Co., Ltd., to promote the creation of an innovative cooperation mechanism in the field of international marine technology, especially offshore new energy, and create the largest Marine technology research and development, promotion, incubation, transfer platform and supply chain industry cluster. Since its establishment in 2019, TORC has successively won the Yantai International Technology Transfer Agency, Technology-based SMEs, Clean Energy Group Advanced Team Award and Innovation Achievement Award. TORC has carried out substantive business cooperation with nearly 10 British companies, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Innovative research and development of two-wheel drive to achieve economic efficiency.

In 2019, through cooperation with ORE-Catapult, TORC has successively introduced nearly 10 advanced technologies from the United Kingdom. At present, it has carried out 2 test projects in China, which are the first "tip double winglet" test in China and the AN08 new vortex generator test. The blade tip double winglet technology for the 1.5MW-82 wind turbine won the 2019 Tus Energy Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Award.

At present, it has 7 patents of various types, namely "a method and system for monitoring the entire state of wind turbines", "a method and device for fault diagnosis of wind turbine blades", and "on-line monitoring system for the entire state of wind turbines V1.0", "a method for increasing the power of the root of a wind turbine blade", "a wind turbine blade tip winglet and its installation method", "a power increasing component to increase the power of the root of a fan blade", "a layer Plywood".

Carry out a series of brand activities to enhance regional influence.

The Sino-UK Marine Technology Forum, a brand event organized by TORC in Yantai and the UK every year, attracts hundreds of people from China and the UK, including politicians, university research and development institutes, leading enterprises, and investment institutions, to output a large number of cooperation achievements. In addition, the continuous holding of hatch judges, various road shows, entrepreneurial salons, university-enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship lectures and other activities have achieved effective gathering of innovative resources, promoted the in-depth cooperation between China and the UK in marine technology, and guided by brand-based activities. Promote local social and economic development. In 2019, it will directly or indirectly drive the social and economic value of more than 5 million yuan, drive nearly 100 people to carry out employment, and greatly enhance the influence of Yantai and the region in the international marine technology and energy industry.

Continue international cooperation to create a highland of talent gathering.

Through the international technology transfer, project research and development, academic cooperation and other business activities, TORC has introduced many well-known experts and scholars from University of Tsinghua, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, British National Offshore Renewable Energy, and many other well-known experts and scholars, to jointly participate in Yantai as the pivot of regional cooperation. A high-end talent team based on the top aerodynamics expert team in Formula 1 has been established, which has enhanced the soft power of the city and created a highland of talent gathering.

In the future, TORC will continue to innovate the Sino-British cooperation model in the field of science and technology, build cooperation bridges, match more British and European advanced technologies, high-quality projects with corporate resources, and adopt a variety of flexible cooperation methods to effectively promote the transformation of international technological achievements to empower regional economic development with innovation momentum.

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