Key Projects

Assignment of kinetic energy to the regional economic development by innovation

Wave energy project

Project Overview

The core technology of the project is a small, hangable wave energy generating device. A prototype has been set up in the UK. This is a modular wave energy hinge. The system can be connected to various existing structures through key technological innovations. And increase the power generation in the waves and activate the self-protection mechanism during the storm.

The project can reduce the harm of ocean waves to coastline erosion, and at the same time supplement the type of ocean new energy field to convert ocean wave energy into electricity, which can provide electricity and reduce disasters for communities and remote islands suffering from coastal erosion or too small to pay for traditional breakwaters.

Market application

There are four potential markets for wave energy: 1. Multi-megawatt, grid-connected offshore array. This is a very large market, but the cost must compete with offshore wind power, which is difficult and high development costs. 2. 10-100kW installed capacity in nearshore, off-grid or remote communities competes with diesel engines and is usually a poor wave resource. 3. Aquaculture and offshore platforms, medium-scale industrial-scale offshore and off-grid locations with good wave conditions. 4. Marine sensor system-small scale (kw) remote sensing application. Among these markets, aquaculture and offshore platforms are the best markets in the near future, balancing the three elements of resources, scale and existing energy costs.

Cooperation method

This project plans to establish a joint venture company based in Yantai for the technology of small-scale anchorable wave energy power generation devices, and promote the localization of the research and development, production and sales of small-scale anchorable wave energy devices through core technology transfer and cooperation, and then form industrialization , Innovate international cooperation models to achieve economic and social benefits.

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